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Before we answer how to play Poker online , you must know ‘why play the poker game.Poker is not just a great mental workout and a way to win big, but also a game that holds valuable life lessons. The skills you develop daily in a poker game can be applied to your daily life. For instance:

Logic Over Emotions :How to make decisions based on logic is one of the most critical lessons Poker teaches you. You must always rely on the facts, data, and observation while playing poker.

A poker game, like chess, teaches you the ability to take calculated risks in life. Even when the way forward looks uncertain, Poker teaches you to rely on your intellect and make data-backed decisions.

Keeping things under control :Another lesson that Poker teaches us is how to aim at the present rather than old losses or potential future gains. A good player must remain focussed on the present. After all, you can’t control most things in your life. All you can do is make the best of a given situation.

Learning from Past :A poker game is the best way to make mistakes, learn and grow. The game continually gives you opportunities for self-improvement and enables you to live up to the game rather than racing towards a favourable outcome. When the game is over, you learn what better you could’ve done and how strong you can be.

Taking Calculated Risks :Poker teaches you the importance of taking calculated risks. It gives you the ability to deal with incomplete data and act on a risky option; this requires skills to work on your challenging but realistic goals.

Win Cash :Learning poker never goes in vain. If you’re skilled and know how to identify and crush fishes, you’ve got a game that can make you win big on poker sites.

Also, there’s always a table for you, 24×7; no matter your schedule, you always have a place on MPL. So what are you waiting for? Play poker online now!

So this is where it all begins, the journey to knowing the ins and outs to play Poker online – taking your friends down. Basics to Play the Poker Game on Online Poker Site

To play a hand of a texas holdem poker game – one poker player is the button (dealer), clockwise the next player is the small blind, and the one besides that is the Big Blind. These positions are rotated clockwise with each hand.

All the players, in the poker hand, are then dealt with dua cards (if you’re playing No-Limit texas Hold ’em Poker), 4 cards (if you’re playing Pot Limit Omaha Poker), and lima cards (if you’re playing 5 card Omaha Poker) facedown. Starting with the small blind position.

In Poker the round of betting starts with the player besides the Big Blind. In subsequent betting rounds, the small blind position plays first. When it’s your turn, you can call, raise, re-raise, check or fold.

If more than one player stays in the hand after the first round of betting is over, first tiga cards are opened, which are known as the flop, then a betting round takes place, then one more card is opened on the table, also known as the Turn, with a betting round. After the turn another card is placed on the table, known as the River, marking the last round of betting.

Betting round occurs after each stage where you can raise, check, call or fold.

The last surviving player in the pot wins the hand. If there is more than one player at the end of the last betting round, cards are revealed and compared. Highest ranking wins.

Players use dua hole cards plus the lima community cards to make the best 5 poker card combination.Basics to Play the Poker Game on Online Poker Site

In the game of Poker there are forced bets in every hand called blinds. They’re called blinds because you need to play the chips (bets) before even the cards are distributed to you. There’s a small blind and a big blind. The small blind sits right beside the dealer button, followed by the Big Blind position. The best amount of small blind is usually half of the Big Blind. Everyone on the poker table should put in 1 Big Blind minimum to see the Flop.

Pre Flop:This poker betting round happens right after the hole cards are distributed to each player.

Flop:After the first three community cards are opened on the table, another betting round starts

Turn:After the first three cards, another card is opened (called the Turn), and betting starts.

River:The last round of betting round of poker hand occurs after the final community card is opened on the table. After this round, any remaining players in hand will go to the ‘Showdown’ (reveal their cards). Hand Ranks in Poker Games

Royal Flush in Poker:Ace, King, Queen, Jack & Ten of the same suit

Straight Flush in Poker:Straight Flush in Poker: Any 5 cards of the same suit in order. For instance: 8-9-10-J-Q of hearts

Four of a Kind in Poker:Four cards with the same rank. For instance, 4 kings.

Full House in Poker:One three of a kind and one pair. For instance: three aces and two deuces (AAA22)

Flush in Poker:Any 5 cards of the same suit. For instance: AJ257 of Spades

Straight in Poker:5 cards in sequential order. For instance: 56789 or A2345

Three of a kind in Poker:Three cards with the same numerical value. For instance, 999 or 888

Two Pairs in Poker:As the same suggests, two cards of the same rank and two cards of the same rank. For instance, 2277 or AA88

Pair in Poker:Two cards of the same rank. For instance: JJ or QQ

High Card in Poker:At the end of the showdown, if the players don’t even have a pair, the one with the highest card wins (Ace being the highest, 2 being the lowest) Your Options in Online Poker Games (Cash & Tournaments)

When it’s your turn to act, you can do the following things in Poker.

Fold:Let go of your hand if you feel your hand is weaker than your opponent, and putting in more chips would be a considerable risk.

Check:Checking is passing the Turn. You neither raise nor fold, but you ask the player after you to act. If everyone checks the round, that betting round is over without any bets taking place.


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